Clean & Care Guide

Properly taking care of your toy and cleaning it correctly helps you to keep yourself safe and your toy in good condition for a long time.

Make sure to use your toy only with water based lubricants as silicon based ones can potentially damage the toy.

Wet toys on a towel

Cleaning before first use

Before you use your toy for the first time after receiving it you should properly wash it under warm or hot water and with a mild and unscented soap.

Alternatively you can also boil the toy in a pot. Make sure that the toy does not contact the metal of the pot to as it might damage the toy.

Cleaning after use

Make sure to properly clean your toy after using it to prevent it from building up germs and residue that might harm you.

Like with the first time cleaning you can either clean it by hand with hot water and a mild soap or by carefully boiling it in a pot.

Afterwards let it dry on a towel before storing it away.

Proper Storage

Don't store your toy together with other toys if they are not 100% made from platinum silicone, such as PVC or Jelly toys for example.

Don't put your toy in a sealed container while it is wet from cleaning.

You can put your toy into a bag made from fabric if it is not treated with softeners.