Firmness Guide

Choosing the correct firmness for your toy is one of the most important things when ordering adult toys and can make the difference between a bumpy ride that leaves you sore and a thoroughly pleasurable night.

What the correct firmness is depends a lot on your preferences, your prior experience with toys and the size of the toy you are looking to buy.

In general if you don't have much experience with toys yet and you are looking into girthier shaped toys then you should consider starting with a softer silicone instead of a firmer one.

We are currently offering our dildos in 2 firmnesses:

Firmness Shore Hardness Description
Soft Shore 00A Squishy and has a give to it that makes it easier to use for beginners or with toys that are especially girthy. Slimmer toys flex easily but don't bend due to their own weight.
Medium Shore 02A Less flexible and not as squishy as Soft making it easier to insert slimmer toys without them flexing away. Can be a bit harder to take for beginners due to them not having as much squish as Soft toys.

Our masturbators are currently made in one firmness:

Firmness Shore Hardness Description
Super-Soft Shore 00-20 Very soft, similar to human skin / soft muscles.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to answer you questions to help you get the toy you are looking for.