Toy Safety

We value your pleasure AND your safety!

The adult toy industry is does not have a lot of regulations and many materials are not created or tested with the use in adult toys in mind as this requires careful research of each material and rigorous testing.

Our toys are crafted with only safe materials and we will never offer a product that is made with controversial materials or materials which have with little research supporting its safety.


Our Silicones

We use only high-quality body-safe addition-curing platinum silicones from the Dragon Skin and Ecoflex product lines of Smooth-On which are skin safe, non-porous, and easy to clean for casting and pouring toys.

In rare cases we might use Sil-Poxy from Smooth-On to repair flops and we will always disclose this to you. Sil-Poxy is a silicone adhesive that is certified as skin safe.


Our Silicone Pigments

We only use skin safe Silc Pig and Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Silicone Pigments from Smooth on for our normal & UV colorations.


Our Mica Pigments

Cosmetic grade mica powder is a silicate mineral that is mined and processed to add color, and can often come from countries that utilize unethical labor from children or potentially slave labor.

We only use mica powder from trustworthy sources and before buying them we research who we buy from to ensure that their product is ethically sourced and safe. Our source for mica powders is TKB Trading, LLC.

Due to how natural mica is processed, certain colors are not safe for all areas of the body. Depending on what kind of additives are used during the process to create them, synthetic mica can also have this issue.

We will never use mica (or any colorant) that has any cosmetic restrictions or isn't safe to use on senstivive areas of the body.

As the toy comes into contact with mucous membranes, we ensure that the colors we use are certified to be eye, lip, and skin safe.