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Dimensions (Medium)

Total Size 15cm / 6"
Usable Size 12,5cm  / 4.9"
Diameter Shaft (min) 1,75cm / 0.4"
Diameter Shaft (max) 5,1cm / 2.0"
Weight ~ 200g / ~ 7.05oz


Dimensions (Large)

Total Size 19,5cm / 7.68"
Usable Size 17,5cm / 6.89"
Diameter Shaft (min) 2,5cm / 0.98"
Diameter Shaft (max) 7cm / 2.76"
Weight ~ 475g / ~ 16.75oz
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Lothan the dragon has some serious girth that he will use to fill you right up after easily slipping inside of you. His ridges will entertain you the whole night.

Its silky surface is slightly textured and provides gliding properties, but without noticeable grooves or bubbles.


Lothan can be cleaned under hot water without leaving any damage.

Lothan is shipped in a neutral package. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As Lothan is a handcrafted item, there may be minor colour differences from the product image and irregularities, but we would never ship a damaged or unusable item.


For the production of Lothan we exclusively use high-quality addition-curing platinum silicone.

Discreet Packaging

Your privacy is very important to us!

By default all orders are shipped as discreet as possible and without any markings on the package that would give away its contents.

You can find more information about our packaging including examples on our Discreet Packagin page.

Clean & Care

Detailed instructions for taking care of and cleaning your toy can be found in our Clean & Care Guide

Firmness Guide

Are you are first time buyer or are you unsure about toy firmness?

Check out our handy Firmness Guide!